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DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

About Ionic

We are an IT consultancy delivering services and competence covering all phases of cloud adoption.

In the era of digital disruption cloud and specifically, the public cloud is a key enabler in leveraging digitalization opportunities for companies regardless of size.

We are a team of curious and exceptional individuals who approach technology challenges with a passion to make a difference. At Ionic we do not settle with what we know, we are curious to keep learning and courageous to challenge the status quo to embrace change, and apply the latest cloud technologies and delivery methods. We are focused to deliver sustainable results aligned with business strategies.

We believe that it is always fun and rewarding to work in high-performance teams, where we push each other forward, work and celebrate our achievements together!

What does a consultant role at Ionic Consulting look like?

At Ionic, we all work as consultants to elevate our clients as well as develop the company. Working at Ionic gives the opportunity to be part of our growing team of exceptional consultants who are working with some of the largest companies in Sweden solving complex problems and driving transformations generating lasting results.

Working at Ionic we get to develop our consulting skills and our domain expertise whilst having fun in a team of like-minded experts who are helping and challenging each other to grow as individuals. We all participate in building the company which means that we get to participate in recruitment, marketing, sales, or another area of our interest that brings value to Ionic and realizes our full potential. We combine our consultant roles with building the company we all want to be part of!

DevOps Engineer
Working as DevOps Engineer at Ionic, you will be part of a team delivering world-class consulting, with a personal focus on automation, and integration technologies, and bridging the gap between many different IT and software development teams.

Personal qualifications:

  • Goal orientated and eager to learn along the way
  • Fast learner able to adopt new technologies and tools when needed
  • Open-minded to enjoy intellectual sparring and knowledge sharing
  • Empathic with a respectful attitude towards others
  • Not afraid to ask questions

Primary responsibilities for a DevOps Engineer:

  • Build, design, test, implement and maintain the organization’s IT network including computer systems and data
  • Develop and maintain security strategy and architecture which aligns with business goals
  • Work closely with Security Architects and product owners to identify and mitigate risks
  • Develop and maintain security architecture artifacts (e.g., models, templates, standards, and procedures) that can be used to leverage security capabilities in projects and operations
  • Perform security reviews
  • Propose, design, plan and execute strategic and tactical operational security objectives
  • Meet with clients and lead security-related workshops

Technical qualifications:

  • Few years’ experience with Azure and/or AWS cloud services in IaaS and PaaS​
  • Proven experience working with DevOps enabling technologies, e.g. automation, CI/CD, IaC, Source Control, test automation, Configuration Management, etc.
  • Expert knowledge in some of the relevant scripting/programming languages, e.g. PowerShell, Azure CLI, Python, JavaScript, etc.
  • Profound understanding of security/access control, scalability, high availability, and concurrency patterns​
  • Good knowledge of data structuring and modeling patterns ​
  • Knowledge of technologies and principles to support the design and build of microservices architecture​

Your educational background is not the decisive factor. What tips the scale is that you are passionate to deep dive into technology and can deliver results while staying a team player with a strong client focus.

We will interview relevant candidates on an ongoing basis. The start date is flexible, but the sooner the better. To apply please send your CV to or simply reach out to us via our contact info to start a conversation and get to know us better.